3 Ways Plumbing Problems Can Cause Mold in Your Home

For homeowners, the last thing you ever want to have to worry about is having mold in your house. It can cause property damage, is costly to fix, and most importantly, can cause health problems in your family. We always want to do everything we can to avoid having mold in our houses. Usually this means making sure that the foundation is properly sealed, that bathrooms are properly vented, but it also means making sure that there are no plumbing issues or leaks that could be causing unwanted moisture in the home.

Standing Water

Sometimes you may have a clogged drain or backed up pipe and not even realize it. This can lead to standing water, which will seep moisture into the surrounding area. The most common cause of standing water is through a clogged floor drain or blocked sewer. This is something that can easily be fixed by a professional drain repair company. A drain repair company can come in and unclog the drain or repair it quickly and mitigate any mold issues.

Leaks Under a Sink

The exposed pipes under a bathroom or kitchen sink are unfortunately often the victim of leaks. A lot of people will often keep cleaning products or other things under that bathroom or kitchen sink, and because of the additional things under the sink, leaks can sometimes be covered up and hard to see. These leaks can again cause mold problems, but it of course can be fixed easily by a drain repair professional.

Leaks in Enclosed Pipes

Your house has numerous pipes enclosed in the walls, supplying water to sinks and tubs throughout the house. If you have an older home, it can be susceptible to old pipes leaking, which can of course cause huge mold problems in the walls. These plumbing issues can be very costly to fix, as the leaks can be substantial and cause lots of damage to drywall, and if they have been leaking long enough, even structural issues. If you have an older home, you should make sure to have a plumber come through and inspect your pipes regularly to make sure that there are no leaks throughout your house.

If you think your home may be at risk of water damage or any plumbing issues, feel free to give us a call at any time. We have the expertise, tools, and know-how to identify and prevent future mold issues and give you peace of mind.

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