What Are the Signs that Your Vaughan Home Requires Drain Repair or Replacement?

For all homeowners, we like to think that we can DIY most fixes – but there does come a time when we need to call in the professionals. Drains and plumbing are one of the fixes that should often be handled by a professional. Sure, the first couple of times the drains are clogged you can get by with some Drano or another liquid drain cleaner, but after a while that fix will not due. Over time, the clogs in our drains build up, and without being properly cleaned and cleared by a professional they can become a big problem.

Your home’s drains are an integral part of the plumbing system. They help move dirty water and waste away from your house so you can use your sinks, showers, or flush toilets. If they are getting clogged up, you’ll soon get blockages that then cause backflow – and no one wants backflow from a toilet all over their bathroom floor.

Getting your drains professionally cleaned is also a huge cost saver. By having them cleaned, you will increase their longevity and reduce the chance of them needing to be replaced.

Here are some signs that your drains need to be professionally cleaned.

  1. Bad Odours – If you are noticing bad odours coming up from your drains, you should think about having them cleaned. These odours could be cause by food build up, which can then attract mold and other issues.
  2. Slow Drains – If the drain is taking much longer than it used to to drain fully, it probably needs to be cleared out. As drain clogs build up, it will cause the drain to empty more slowly, and if left unchecked it can get bad enough that the pipes will clog completely.
  3. Toilet Problems – If your toilet is backing up more, or is taking 2 or more flushes to fully clear any “debris” this could be a sign that the pipes are getting clogged. This is a situation where the pipes should be taken care of by a professional to ensure that they are cleared properly and everything is working.

There are of course more signs to have a professional come and clean your pipes, but these are some of the most often seen issues. If you think that your drains aren’t clearing as fast as they used to, or are experiencing other issues, don’t hesitate to get a professional drain cleaner out to have a look and make sure that everything is properly cleared. This can help save you a lot of money, and a huge headache.