What Should You Do If You Have an Emergency Drain Leak?

So you’re at home, when all of a sudden you hear a rush of water. Under the sink is a burst pipe that is spraying water all of over – what do you do??

Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t know how to stop and control a burst pipe, and when they happen moving quickly is crucial. Here are our top tips for how to get a burst pipe under control.

  1. See if there is a local shut off – Depending on where the burst pipe is, there may be a local shut off. Typically, these will be a valve that can be quickly closed, simply by turning them 90 degrees into the shut off position. If they are there, they will usually be at the junction of two different type of pipes, for instance, under a sink they would usually be found between the copper pipe and the braided pipe.
  2. If there is no local shut off, shut off the main supply of water to your house – This will usually be found in the basement. There should be a pipe that comes up through the foundation that supplies water to your house. Within the first few feet of this pipe should be a shut off valve. Turn this to the off position.
  3. Turn on sinks that are below the burst pipe – For instance, if the burst pipe is on the upper floor of your house, open up all of the faucets on the lower levels. This will help to drain water out of the pipes and prevent the water from leaking through the burst pipe.

Once these steps are done, you’ll just need to clean up the water that has already been spilled, and get the pipe fixed of course. When it comes to getting the pipe fixed, it is always recommended to get a professional plumber to take care of the work, as they will also be able to assess the plumbing in your house and find out what caused the burst pipe in the first place, and fix that issue.