Why Drain Cleaning is So Important

Far too often drains are neglected and not properly cared for. For most homeowners, as long as the water is going down the drain, they assume everything is fine, and if there is a small clog it’s nothing that a bit of Draino can’t fix. But in reality, these pipes need to be taken care of properly to avoid larger issues down the road. A simple clog now can lead to full on drain blockage down the road.

If you have a small clog, and simply fix it by pouring down some Draino, it will usually start draining again no problem. But the real issue here is making sure that you’re finding out why the drain clogged in the first place. Was it hair down the drain? A foreign object? Or is there a bigger underlying issue that needs to be solved.

The Need for Drain Diagnostics

A professional drain repair company can come in and run a full diagnostic inspection on your drainage system. They can go through each drain in your house, and use a drain camera to view inside of the drains to inspect for any issues. They will be able to determine if there are any hardened clogs from calcium deposits, an overabundance of rust, or something even more serious. Getting ahead of a drainage issue is key to avoid most costly problems down the road.

Save Money by Taking Care of Your Pipes

While it may sound like an unnecessary expense to have someone come in to inspect your drains, it pays to stay on top of your plumbing and make sure that everything is always in working order. If your plumber finds an issue with the drainage, it will most likely be much cheaper for them to fix it at that time, instead of waiting for it to become a huge issue which can cause leaks and other unwanted damages. As long as the problem is contained within your pipes, the fixes are relatively cheap, but if water gets out of the pipe you could be looking at a much larger bill for repairing drywall, and even mold inspections.

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