Why Spilling Grease Or Oil Down The Drain Is A Bad Idea?

Most of us treat drain as a wormhole of everything and doesn’t even hesitate in pouring grease, oil, or also scrub down the drain, which is a bad idea. Experts of new drain cleaning and services have shared useful insights on the same and elaborated on what you must or must not do.

The grease and oil alone cause sewer overflow annually and this is where things start to go in the haywire direction. Grease & oils are the globs to the home pipe and block the sewer lines. This is not even the worst part; a large accumulation of fat creates deposits and soapy messes, which is difficult to clean and also blocks the water treatment process of the city.

Even if the grease or oil is a liquid, it solidifies after coming into contact with the cold pipe. They don’t form immediately but begin forming as a thin layer of grease and gradually take the shape of a severe clog. In most cases, all of the grease & oils don’t make it all the way through pipes and accumulate in a large formation.

WHAT MUST YOU DO? Instead of spilling grease down the drain, let it thicken in the pan and then throw in the trash can. Try to get a large amount of grease and oil into the trash instead of draining them. If you’re afraid your habit has caused significant damage to your existing drain, then don’t wait any longer. Call professionals for drain cleaning in Mississauga immediately.

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