Why You Shouldn’t Pour Grease Down Your Drain

We all love bacon, but hate the messy fat and grease that it leaves in the pan. It can be tough to clean out one its cooled, so most people will just pour the hour grease down their drain and then forget about it. The problem with this is, think of how tough that grease can be to clean out of a pan, and then imagine how that hardened fat can clog up your drains.

While it can be troublesome, making sure to properly dispose of grease and oil is important to make sure that your drains do not get clogged up. Even if you run hot water down the drain after pouring the liquid grease, it will still stick to the sides of the drains and cause them to get clogged. The water from your tap won’t be hot enough to keep the grease from solidifying. Just pouring grease down the drain once or twice might not cause any lasting problems, but if it is continuously done it will cause some serious problems.

If you notice that your drains are starting to drain slower, if there are gurgling noises, or if there is a bad smell, you could have an impending clog. These clogs can be tough to get rid of, and can sometimes require professional drain cleaning.

To properly dispose of grease, you need to first let it cool in the pan. Once it is cooled, it will solidify in the pan, and can then be scraped out and put into the garbage. This is the only way to properly dispose of grease, if you pour it down the drain continuously there will be lasting issues with the drains that will require a professional drain cleaner.